Contextual Studies Research Task 2 COMPARING


Lecture 2 – What is  a Landscape?
What is a Landscape  Photography?

 →Pretty (Garden, nature)

More in deep
A landscape can be
-a nobody (NO BODY)
-a space (view on to space of picture)
-Point of view (making ordinary extra ordinary)
-Outside (landscape cannot be indoor)
-Land (LANDscape)

And more deep
Landscape is
Picturesque (worthing of being beautiful not ugly)
Not urban ( no man made figure )
Not ugly (nature is never ugly and so can’t be a picture of it i.e landscape photograph )

types of Landscape
 no-Body and somebody

•Camile Silvy River Scene, France 1858
•Ansel Adams Monolith – The Face of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park 1927

In the photograph of Gustave Le Grey-

We see nobody.. no presence of living thing in his photograph . Just pastoral landscape .No man no man made structure..

Whereas in Camile Silvy’s Photograph
There’s houses a non clear human figure with some animals/kids. Unclear.

Both are landscape but as mentioned above a landscape is  not a single term. Both pictures is in the category of Landscape but not the same. One is Pure pastoral , natural picture a nobody in it landscape where the second one is nature with human /somebody in it


Liz Wells:- “Photographs slice space into place; land is framed as landscape. Representation envelops reality; it becomes an act of colonisation”

Space landscape is about the atmosphere / how we feel about that space .
Space can be the sky or the vast land or the road into the town .. Space can be showing different view in a photograph.

What is space (place / landscape)? W J T Mitchell: place = specific location, a stable site (a town) space = a mobile series of vectors, an unstable expanse landscape = a site / a space encountered as image and transformed into view ‘Preface to 2nd Edition’ Landscape and Power, 2002

Yi-Fu Tuan “‘Space’ and ‘place’ are familiar words denoting common experiences. We live in space… Place is security, space is freedom: we are attached to one and long for the other” Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience, 1

SPACE is freedom
PLACE is personal


A point of view can be confusing.. like really confusing ..A perception towards a simple image can change the view of it like the image of
Ansel Adams ‘Surf Sequence #4’, negative c. 1940, print c. 1973
Although that’s a picture of a sea shore but the way and technique of taking the image can make the viewer questionable

“view addresses a notion of authorship in which the natural phenomenon, the point of interest, rises up to confront the viewer, seemingly without the mediation of an individual recorder or artist… it is a ‘point of interest’, a natural wonder, a singular phenomenon that comes to occupy this centering of attention” Rosalind Krauss, “Photography’s Discursive Spaces: Landscape / View”, Art Journal, vol. 42, no.4, 1982.


A landscape cannot be inside..Landscape itself says Land ..
Tina Modotti ‘Telegraph Wires’, c 1925-A picture where telephone wires intersect each other .. seems like collapsing with the sky.

Lee Friedlander from America by Car 2007- A picture of outside landscape,nature but from inside a car..
so that is an amazing inside out image of nature and man culture.
and the same goes with
Uta Barth ‘nowhere near (nw 12)’, 1999– an inside shot from the window with incoming sun orange rays.

-Roger Fenton The ruin… The encroachment… The threshold…
  A picture where culture (man-made church building ) being collapsed into naure (as the church is ruin abounded )

Raymond Williams: “A working country is hardly ever a landscape”

Lewis Baltz-   In his picture there’s an interface between nature and urban. He took an image of a grass building in which the reflections of nature (trees,grass ) .

Robert Adams
Colorado Springs, Colorado
1968- A huge space of land with a car to go and explore it..

-Colin Dodgson
for Hood By Air
-Colin Dodgson, Parks and Recreation, Dazed & Confused, 2016 –
-Colin Dodgson,
-Martin Munkacsi, American Harpers Bazaar, June 1936 & December 1933
-Martin Munkasci
Lovely Autumn:
the last warm days of sunshine
-Martin Munkasci
Boys running into surf….
-Design: Alexey Brodovitch
Photographs: Martin Munkacsi
Harper’s Bazaar
-Norman Parkinson
Anne Gunning in… India & Kashmir
-Norman Parkinson
Jan Ward in a Bob Schulz jersey suit, Monument Valley, Utah
-Deborah Turbeville
from Wallflower
-Wolfgang Tillmans
Lutz and Alex sitting in the trees
-Zoe Ghertner
Modern Masters
Spring 2015
-Tim Walker
Spring 2015
-Mel Bles
AW 2014
-Juergen Teller
Kanye, Juergen & Kim




•Optical Illusion

•Dead but useful
•Same situation
•Last stage


•Gone with the wind
• Flow

Wolfgang Tillmans Lutz and Alex sitting in the trees 1992

• Wild
•Pure nature screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-01-39-pm
•Odd red
•Early morning
•Sand colour screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-01-57-pm
•Jump street

For the comparison I’ll choose images of Jurgen Teller’s   ‘Kanye ,Jurgen, Kim’ and Tim Walker’s ‘Vogue spring 2015’ . For the comparison both the images are high fashion images and unwonted and the composition seemed alike The composition of Both the images shows a connection and dependency with the landscape an involvement with the landscape  .In Tim Walker’s image the  composition is models are sitting on a tree branch, having a relation and dependency on the tree on the landscape where In Jurgen Teller’s image Kim in climbing onto the dirt mountain/lying /intimidating with the landscape. A half naked picture. Where in the contrasting part The View/vision seemed different. The image of Tim is into the nature ,is naked but doesn’t seems like a fashion pose where the vision is different for Jurgen’s image.Whether it be the background of green and dirt or be it forest and town/outskirt land.The modeling /pose or be the campaign purpose is different for both the pictures. Although both images stood under fashion shoot.Tim Walker’s image is more for clothing.


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