Fabrice Monteiro


Fabrice Monteiro is an emerging artist based in the fields of photojournalism, fashion photography, and portraiture. His series of THE PROPHECY covers the different sorts of environment pollution issues of  his city ‘Senegal’ .
The Prophecy, focuses on environmental devastation in Senegal, with 10 images featuring models dressed in costumes crafted by Senalgese fashion designer Doulsy [Jah Gal]. The ghostly figures are imbued with the theme of animism, accentuating each photo’s surreal composition of a jinn (an ancient supernatural genie) experiencing the ravages of modern man’s pollution He says ‘As a photographer confronted to this lack of environmental public spiritedness I wanted to create images that question us about our ways of consuming plastic and other harmful product for environment”.
He showed how plastic has ruined the ocean and the society.
What Deforestation no afforestation can lead to.
The air pollution by car and industry of burning garbages .
And many other using the waste material for making a dress ..





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