Underneath, On, With .

Just because we don’t see it .. doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Whether it be land, air or water . Trash is covering everywhere.


Involved in our air we breath .


Or visibly in front of us… On our land.
160307-philadelphia-cleaning-story-06_c279b68c3ea8d035115ed55d8fdcfc75-nbcnews-fp-1240-520Photo by Kelly O'Day

Too much consumption with no reuse. The Global warming is a result of our consumption .
We Buy It.
We Bury It.
we Burn It.
And now we are trying to hide it by floating them into water or mixing it with our air. But now we can’t ignore it.Does anyone has any idea when they throw the used to trash afterwards?
This is not a local problem .Somehow in the deep ocean we have more trash than lifes.We produce too much waste. We don’t think about the consequences when we throw it away.It seems to be a case of out of ight out of mind. nature functions on building up and breaking down. We keep putting things into the environment that don’t break down. According to the research cities with high population has these garbage burn chemicals in their body.
It’s everywhere.
Burning garbage or floating them or basically not treating them in the correct way according to their state causes all sorts of disease .


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