Lecture 4
Inside / Outside

In this lecture we were taught about the  concept of Inside n Outside from a photographic perspective .
Or an image where inside meets outside .
Inside- what we know , we are familiar with
Outside -What we don’t know , unfamiliar .
Inside being Outside,
Familiar being horrific – The movie where familiar thing the doll becomes possessed and horrific and unfamiliar.

“Edward Said
“…Just beyond the frontier between ‘us’ and the ‘outsiders’ is the perilous territory of not-belonging: this is where in a primitive time people were banished, and where in the modern time era immense aggregates of humanity loiter as refugees and displaced persons” “The exile knows that in a secular and contingent world, homes are always provisional. Borders and barriers, which enclose us within the safety of familiar territory, can also become prisons, and are often defended beyond reason and necessity. Exiles cross borders, break barriers of thought and experience”
Reflections on Exile, 1984.

In the above two images the two photographers Robert Frank and Nigel Shafran are  taking their own picture without actually showing their face . They both captured a shadow of their own(Robert) or with some people in it( Nigel )
Robert took a picture of himself as a shadow in a dark room with pictures on wall or a curtain or cloth  as an inside image but as for the outside some light is coming through the cloth over his shadow .At that point the outside light meets his inside shadow .
Where Nigel’s picture is somewhat similar with Robert. Nigel captured herself on a wide mirror or not.. someone else might have shot her when she was taking the picture.
Nigel is in a studio where she took the shadows of people working in there for the images to show it to the outside of the studio.
The image is taking so beautifully for the inside out concept.The similarity between the two as a purpose of fashion clothing. The similarity between the hands of mannequin and the model, the expression and the body figure. The outside is alive and inside is not but they have too many similarities in this image. The view of outside fashion models  from the inside fashion mannequins . The story of living and dead but yet similar of what remains inside for fashion and what walks outside as models for fashion.
I really like the image as it seems to me a story of how a person is trying to look inside something but it shows what is outside on him. Josef clicked a picture of a broken unappealing mirror as to look inside the mirror but what he actually see is the outside which reflects inside the mirror .

The view of outside from inside .

.I really like Martha Rosler’s ‘Bringing the war ‘ . It was one of my favourite image from the lecture where the concepts becomes more clear. How Juxtaposition works in this image .I really liked the idea of the photographer Martha Rosler how she picked the outside world of war which no one will want to see or experience in personal inside a home . The idea of positioning the frustration with the images we saw in television and print media, even with anti-war flyers and posters. She says “The images we saw were always very far away, in a place we couldn’t imagine.”1 Assembled from the pages of Life magazine — where the documentary accounts of blown bodies, dead babies, and anguished faces flow seamlessly into mattress ads and photo features of sophisticated kitchens, fastidiously fertilized lawns and art-hung living rooms — Rosler’s montages re-connect two sides of human experience, the war in Vietnam, and the living rooms in Amerika, which have been falsely separated.”
The positioning of fear and pain going outside of our life inside our home. How would that’ll be felt. She picked a really clever idea of using the outside environment involving  into our inside (familiar) space .


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