Contextual studies task 3 EXPLORING DEFINATIONS



The definition and keyword task for the term STREET .

Street is a place of many visual experience . We see many people many ongoing activities and other things but we don’t stop to anybody and just talk. Street is like a mysterious place where you never know which new face of which new activity which new space will come up to us . Street is a really uncertain place to be .

Marcel Proust: “The streets belong to everybody, I repeated to myself”
                                                             cited in Elizabeth Wilson, Adorned in Dreams

Not ‘Where’ is the street but ‘When’ is the street. For example the street used or walked by the people in the morning is totally be different by the people and environment of night life of the street. The vibe ,light will be different in the both time. That difference will create two visuals for the street.
Architecture build the street but the people who live in it creates the environment. Street is a stage where people display themselves to each other.
Street is a place of entertainment,communication and consumption.

•Street fashion/photography



•Street photography varies .. it can be with people or without anyone just like buildings and urban areas. Just like RUTT BLESS ; her work represents the city and the phenomenon of the urban,explores the public spaces of cities picture series which offers alternative ways of looking at shared street . Her images shows different ways of looking at the street. Her series of ‘LONDON DUST’ shows the night street of London . How it varies from day street to night street.
•There’s so many things going on this street . The walking man caught the photographer capturing his picture into the street. The running train, the walking lady with holding a kid’s hand . A street carries so many individual stories in it .
•Or in this image. The street is not only about the life ongoing in the street but what lies inside under it. Where the photographer is inside a club which is on the street but on that street what goes behind the walls of street shops/places. The club is a part of the street and inside it the people are dancing and enjoying.
•As mentioned before I think Street is a mysterious place to be .. You never know what you saw on the street what lies behind that. Just like that the image of Andre Kertesz show the covered up wooden large size boxes on the street. What is inside it? What is the purpose of it? Why is it lying here ? Unknown until we uncover it. We come across to many things like this everyday on our streets.
•The inside out story shown in this image. The view of street over the showcase glass of one of the cloth shore of street. This shows both the stories of inside if the street and the outer view if the street.

High fashion /low street.
Street photography with a low street and high fashion is a juxtaposition . Together they make an amazing image.


For the research I searched for the street photographers and on which I liked the work of
•Gabriele Basilico
•Robert Adams

•Thomas Struth’s Unconscious Places
Walker Evans- Buildings, subways .
They all have a common sigh way of working in street. They capture the street but with no presence of a person. Where Thomas Struth capture the urban high street ,building ,with cars but the other two capture not so urban street areas with the same of no sign of living in their work.Photography perspective towars the point of no life with diffrent kinds of streets with doffrent building tall or small.

The contrasting images

LEE FRIEDLANDER is a photographer who in his street photography series click all the moments of street. The life of street. Which means a lot of people. Most of which are candid images. The so many streets story which goes unnoticed to most of the people by the people. His all pictures varies from the other. Every images has it’s own story to imagine and makes me curious and curiouser with every other image.One of the things I loved most about Friedlander’s work is how he was able to incorporate lots of content into his photographs without them becoming overly busy. Friedlander was very conscious of how he framed his scenes, and wanted to add more complexity to his shots through adding content of interest.

Joel Sternfeld; Covering different places of his city like parking lot ,roads ,pathways ,crossing,moments of streets etc with a person in the picture

A jumping figure into the street. Moving image work
To jump into the ‘energy’ of the street.
Eric Kim


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