Written Evaluation

img_1758img_1773img_1804img_1829img_1869 The first thought after hearing the term Environment for the assignment gave me a lot in mind to do. As ‘Environment’ is such a wide term to work with. With the view from my window of trash near the river and plastic I got a topic to work on.

I inspired with the work of Fabrice Monteiro , Steve Cutts and movie Wall-E. These three are my main influence for my work.These three worked on the same concept i.e trash. My idea was to show how out trash is going different places and making everything polluted . The main term was plastic as it never ever decompose or ends. The trash is being burned which causes air pollution or been thrown into rivers. The idea of doing something different with the same concept combining the three was difficult. I tried some shoots with the industrial pollution gas and to visit a landfill area and work their but that didn’t work. After , I tried to expand the term pollution I came to a new phase of how plastic is not only causing us trouble but creating a real big issue to marine life. How every day marine life gets trapped and dies due to the polluted water and trash inside the ocean . I decided to narrow down the term pollution to plastic disposal into oceans.

For my final work I decided to do a trash into in our quotidian life. I tried to replace the essentials with plastic and trash to show what if this happens . I wanted my work to be simple and easy for the viewer to understand the concept without making it any complicated . As a Fashion Photography student I tried to make it into a fashion . I thought to work with a plus size model who is high in fashion with a rich look and tattoos for more bold. This is because first of all why not to work with a plus size and secondly according to my research the people who are the reason behind the trash into ocean are rich and self-centred businessmen and other people. The best way of showing these terms are no better than a plus size bold human.

In this assignment I started with something concluded something and ended up with something else but I sticked with the term. I explored for the term for the best outcome which I think I have achieved .


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