What is beauty ?

What are clothes as a part of beauty ?

Clothes are “expressive of our identity, telling others something about our gender, class, status…
It shows something about our gender,class,status.
Women wearing “trousers” was not the part of society in history but now is been accepted by society.
(Move from who can wear what.)
Fashion is one of the key social desire of beauty.
➣Notion of beautiful woman .
•Regime to do with the body.
•Beautiful regime to how we feel about our bodies.
• What we wear is also history for future fashion.


Clothes can be misread or misinterpreted,or used as a disguise. Can be a form of misdirection.
Clothe show “I AM ME” but similarly  “To be a part of that group (fashion/beauty)  you have to dress like them.”
There’s no fashion for middle class people..fashion is what they can afford .

“I am fashionable cause I wear what is in fashion.”

“What is appropriate to wear socially and if it is not then what I am wearing makes me individual among them.”
Modes of dress express the “self” and its relation to social conventions.
Dress as a key part of modern “reflexive self”.
Am I fit enough to wear this?

In relation to set changing norms(different fashion ideas,goals) compromise between the demands of the social world of how we want to be seen by society and our own desire.
How beauty and identity works together ?

Beauty :
➣Something really personal
➣ product of history of identity
➣Experience – in the eye of the beholder
➣Social value – an objective thing

Beauty is different now and then.

Sappho: “I think beauty is what you fall in love with”
Plato: “… the fairest bond is that which makes the most complete union of itself and the things which it combines; and proportion is best adapted to such a union.
Beauty as a historical concept… (via Umberto Eco)
proportion ʻthat which is lovedʼ moderation / harmony / symmetry  that which causes conflict, that which ʻstays the arm ʼ.Stop someone in their way .
How does proportion change? The ʻrulesʼ of proportion, what is correct proportion?
The rule/body are different in every era .
Beauty /body in 18’s is different from 20’s.

Rick Owen’s S/S 2014 (aggresive women on ramp walk for not pencil think model)

David Sims/Yohji Yamamoto love 2015
People who wear all black are scarecrow -90’s .

Comme Des Garcons/Res Kawakubo
Playing with body figure . not stitching the body type dress but giving a new texture a new space for a strange body figure of how he imagines a body or would ‘ve.
and same as Viktor and Ralf/Blommers
Fashion not as beauty but being something different fashion might about.

Playing with clothing ..Not cool street style .
Too long shoes or sleeve.

Am I too fat or too thin on the scale of beauty ..
Beauty is something we work to achieve.

Naomi Wolf The Beauty Myth, 1991 “The beauty myth tells a story: the quality called beauty objectively and universally exist. Women must want to embody it and men must want to possess women who embody it. The qualities that a given period calls beautiful in women are merely symbols of the female behavior that that period considers desirable: The beauty myth is always actually prescribing behavior and not appearance”

William Butler Yeats Adamʼs Curse 1903 “To be born a woman is to know – Although they do not talk of it at school – That we must labour to be beautiful” Beauty: a property or a labour?

Beauty is difficult .
How fashion industry construct ? Beauty is something changes across history .
A woman shaves her forehead to how she had a big head ie she has big brain ie she is intelligent. and it became fashion at that time .

Beauty industry and beauty myth
Beauty is a dream that you can buy
who I am ..to who I want to be seen as.

A well toned worked out invested (in terms of working out) body is the idol thing in beauty industry .

“Being slim and remaining so has tradable value within a job market and economy where all such properties are subject to calculation… [perfection] is a kind of neoliberal spreadsheet, a constant benchmarking of the self, a highly standardised mode of self-assessment, a calculation of oneʼ s assets, a fear of personal losses” Beauty as a form of ʻhuman capitalʼ

For some females, not matching up to images of
other females is a terror … The importance of
keeping young and beautiful (if you want to be
loved) has for centuries been a part of female
conditioning in western culture.
“I’ve been worried about not being thin my whole life”
About 90% women in the west wants to lose weight.
Ageing is difficult for fashion. We’ve been given products that assure to keep us young “renewal or rebirth ”

It is mostly a trend amongst fashion designers as the reason why the fashion industry is obsessed with skinny bodies is because of how models were chosen.

in the 80’s, models were healthy. Slim but healthy. And the skinny trend came. After that, designers wanted skinny models because that was the way they imagined their collections.

It’s very sad to say but models are only pieces of meat to designers or even sometimes photographers doing photoshoots. They are mannequins wearing clothes, and only the products are important to them.

It is true that the skinny trend is slowly starting to change so let’s just hope it won’t last long as fashion changes by time.


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