Research task A (Magazine choice)

Magazine Analysis
on the basis of
•market position
For the working term of Feminism I was looking for a feminal magazine and  hence I picked Ten magazine for my magazine editorial as mostly it covers and features women ,whether be branding ,advertising or be it individual edits or blogs. Ten magazine is socially Hi class woman magazine and politically using young young ladies, women .
It adverts with Dolce & Gabbana , Jimmy Choo, Hugè Boss, Topshop and mostly all the classy brands. It is a mixed cultured magazine where the images are wandering from places to place with different types of culture in it. Like Havana ,Oxfordshire AND PUNK and many. The magazine is not about a particular tradition or 
culture but also to all the diversities of the society. The magazine comparisons and joined the two different elements of  community .The magazine has  hi fashion shoots , in some other parts it covers the punk society people .

Even in it’s this picture edition a woman is standing confidently among 3 boys . Her body posture ,expression ,makeup everything is describing her adaption with the environment regardless of the gender . img_0786

In the beginning the magazine is much about brand luxury advertisement but in those advert, most of it’s model are female. None of its campaign shot is with a male main model .Where some male are in the photo frame with main female model in some of it’s series .But only a few. The magazine seems to be  much feminine which is its ethos as per it’s covers or advert or be it editorials. Not only adverts but also it’s documentary shoots is pure feminine .
One of it’s campaign shoot with Chanel Fine Jewellery is an open naked female photographic series but  Photographing a naked woman body in a non sexual poses but feminal.  nk_10mgsdsrnk01

The layout factor is very interesting as the type changes as looking more into magazine. Like all the  Articles /documentary section are been printed on a plain paper where every other prints like advertisements are printed on a gloss paper. The magazine drops from High fashion advert shoot to documentary shoots in some of its edits. A picture on a white plain paper makes the image more stand out ,more expensive and in Ten magazine most of it’s images are printed with leaving a white margins. Mostly it has dark imagery with low studio light in its documentary shoots  .
On other side it’s another editorial advert is unwonted photographic series of an young Asian girl goes from a gothic makeup to a no makeup face.
Ten in my view is a magazine which shows the reader the unnoticed and something unexpected parts of a woman whether it be showing jewlweryies on a naked body or be it showing the unmadeup face .

The ethos is indeed is to empower woman and her identity in the 21st century .img_0785nk_10mgsdsrnk06


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