Research Task B(Project Proposal+StoryBoard+Magazine Layout +MoodBoards)




The subject for this unit will be ‘beauty and femininity’. For which I have planned for to show the women of rural parts of India. This will consist of the un-noticed parts and scenes of a woman of India in a rural family after her marriage which is usually seen banal. My motto will be to capture the beauty of the woman in her ordinary house.

For this, I have planned to show the scenes from her marriage to the next steps of her  after her marriage which is why I have planned to name this project as “From Bride To Housewife”

Location and setup-

The setup is decided to be shot in the actual rural part of Rajasthan (India) for it to look more realistic for the viewer. For the same purpose, I’ve thought not to use any lightning instead using the only ambient for all the images.

Model and crew-

Photographer- Anjali Vaswani (

Model -Mansi Vishnani (

MUA- Simran Vishnani(

Schedule –

14th Dec to 22nd Dec 2016

For any other queries please write me an email on

The mood boards, storyboards and magazine layout is attached for more clarification and ideas.


For this photoshoot, I have planned to dress my model in two different looks from an Indian Bride and second from rural tribe bride of India.
Both the looks have different costumes and accessories which are being shown in the categorized mood boards 

•Styling elements-
For the styling, the model is required to wear two different costumes, time .onetime.One will be a heavy bridal dress with the bridal accessories which comes with earring, two necklaces/jewelry, handcuffs
For the second look, she is required to wear the vibrant red/green/yellow rural women dress with some of its essential accessories as shown.

•Hair and makeup
For the bridal look, the model has to do the bridal makeup like eye makeup blusher lipstick and all the basic makeup which goes vise verse for the second look.
for both the looks the hair will be tied into a hair bun.


•Lightning –

Environmental scenic and props –


The bride in her new house and environment with a clueless expression but a decent pose.
2. The beautiful bridal hand in a dirty place of washing dishes
3. Bride in her new environment of housewife routine
4. Her portrait
5. The position of how a new bride is not supposed to sit on the same level as her husband
6. A picture of her body with the new bridal dress.

Magazine Layout

•I am planning for a layout with writing on the images rather than on a white page.
•Some of the pages with only images with no description or articles.
•Some images with white margins to make the image more expensive and attractive.





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