Research Task C (Written Evaluation)

_mg_2414_2 For this unit, I decided to work for ‘Feminism and Beauty’. As an Indian girl, I have known to the fact that in my country the gender equality is still somewhere not held and women are still considered weak in compared to men in many tribes. Just because men earns money doesn’t mean he is stronger. If given a chance to a woman won’t say better but she will earn the same as a man.If a man earns for his family, a woman takes cares, manage the family. By this project, I have tried to show how in some rural tribes of India, beauty(woman) is been kept behind the wall and all she is taught is how to be good house-wife. How a girl from her childhood has never allowed dreaming of anything regardless of being a wife. Even after being a woman she is not feminine.
From this reference, I have learned that even being a housewife is a task for every day. The inequality of gender has to be changed and the work a woman does every day has to be appreciated. I spent a day with the rural tribe woman and used her routine as my reference material. Which helped me a lot to produce my work.
I have started my magazine with the first image of a bride and a housewife with her kid in her laps which seems like a responsibility to her as a reference to a woman’s stages, how a woman starts from a bride to wife and to a mother.
The second image is a part of her beauty i.e her bridal hands.
The third image is full body image of her as a bride to her new environment where she is looking straight at camera clueless and people around her not looking at her. Beautifully dressed outside the house door which is intended to be dark.
The fourth image is about her and her husband showing how a woman in the rural tribe is not allowed to sit at the same level as male and she is supposed to cover her face with ‘ghoonghat‘. Ghoonghat is a tradition where a woman is supposed to cover her face all the time which is considered as respect towards male and she can’t sit at the same level as a male does.
The fifth image is a collage where a day of a bride turned wife is dealing with her house duties and an image of her peeping through the wall outside the door where all men are sitting and how she is not allowed to go outside and sit with them liberally.
The sixth image is her portrait behind that ‘ghoonghat‘ and how strong and beautiful eyes she owns and looking right into the camera which seems questioning.
The last image is of a dead tree in the backyard of the house and the woman sitting next to it in the backyard with no expression and unsettle where she is supposed to be.
The most difficulty I faced in this project was as every housewife all over the world in every country and every religion does the same thing. How I can show the difference between other religion woman and rural woman housewife, how I can present a banal routine of an Indian tribe woman in an interesting and unique way which proves a point and makes some sense with the unit.
With observing the rural woman’s work and minor inequality which is an unknown fact to them, with test shoots and trying many postures and environment I overcame this difficulty.
The images I clicked are definitely what I was trying to produce for this unit.
My choices for the finals is about how convincing are those images to me. How they make sense to the viewer and to me personally.


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