Critical Evaluation

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.45.58 PMMobile Zombie Apolocyplyse
For this project, I decided to work on the ‘Documentary Reality’. At first, I was unsure of what to do. I started at a point by researching for reality and documentary by observing the work of photographers on the documentary photography. I looked for ‘Terry Richardson’s magazine ‘Fashion Portraits and fashion’, and Steve McCurry’s ‘Portraits’ and ‘The story behind the photographs’.
At first, I planned to show the dual personality a person lives on social networking sites and in real life and the nightlife on the streets which I got inspired from Terry Richards’s magazine. But, from where I started with the research, in the middle of it I found myself with a new idea.
I planned to show the dependency of human on technology and mobile phones of this generation.
We live in a society where people type more than talking., capture more than seeing, recording more than observing, posting more than living.
No doubt internet is the one of the biggest invention and achievement of human but with its pros, we are facing a lot of cons from this technology. Everyone is so busy on the internet that we are losing all of our real life environment. Where before people used to know the name of all the families of the society; today, we barely see or know the person who lives next door or under the same roof. Where people used to sit together and chat now it’s all under a group chat. Laughing has turned to a word of “LOL’. People used to love sight seeing but today their camera sees more than their own eyes. Everyone is so busy to make friends online that they are losing real life friends and family.
In my work, I have tried to show the involvement of our mobile phones in our daily activities.
I have picked our daily life scenario which is banal for us but if noticed represents our too much dependency on phone. Most of the images are inspired by true life events. My concept is about mobile addiction and dual representation of real life and social life social life.
I have merged the two terms which are co-related to each other.
This project has cleared my definition for documenting photography. , I learned the actual definition, representation, and depth of documentary photography. I learned to show a staged frame into a unposed image and as I worked with many different people it encouraged my vocab as a photographer to convince people for my work. The weakness for me of this project is that some images which are a series altogether might be confusing for the viewer as a single image won’t make any story on its own and might not make enough sense to the viewer as I am trying to show two issues together. Where I feel strong for some images which stand alone and can describe my concept.


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