This is my first mood board for this final project. This time I am planning to create some images with diversity. This mood board clearly shows what I mean by women diversity. For my environment project, I worked with a plus size model and I got many questions not regarding my project idea of the environment but why I chose a plus size model. For my Styling Identity project, I showed how women are in my country. For the final, I have planned to show how miscellaneous female gender is. Not only being a lady like but how women can be anything of her choice and be the best of that choice. The plan will be to show the different sides of the female. Just cause she is a girl/lady doesn’t mean she has to be in shape, has to dress nicely, talk in a low pitch, eat properly, sit properly. NO. Being girly/lady or not to be it’s her own choice. That is what I am planning to show in my finals where society thinks how women should not be, but a woman is with she is comfortable with that choice of her life.


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