Task A (Reflecting back on old work)

Project 1

Test shoot 1

I really quite didn’t do the test shoot cause I was somewhere happy with my picture as a test shoot. Therefore, I used my tests shoot images more as finals. But as a test shoot, I quite did a lot of different experiments with the images on location.

Test Shoot 2

At first, I tried to capture only the place and things without placing the model in the frame but after I framed the model and did took some images from different angles and poses to see which works the better.

Final Images

I was really happy with my images and finals. As they worked well together. Be it together or alone every image was strong to act and define the motive. But there were several things that I didn’t like. Such as I couldn’t do it in a studio properly cause I was not confident enough to work in a studio with big lights by then. I didn’t know how to properly make a camera function.Even the quality and the sharpness was not good to edit enough. As an idea, the picture worked well but as a quality and perfectionism, it just didn’t go along.
If I could do it again for improvisation I would work with better lighting and the quality of the images.

University support(Lectures, Briefing and workshop)

Throughout the unit for the environment, the support from the university was so helping. Especially the workshops for camera function cause I didn’t know anything about camera functionality and photoshop.The introduction of editing software and camera sessions were really helpful for me as a fresher.  The lectures were opening doors for ideas and inspiration. ‘Bring war home’ by Martha Rosler was the main inspiration for me from the lecture Inside Out. I got the idea how she made a strong point of her work by merging two different things into one and bringing the reality of destruction and damage of the world which are known to us but we still neglect that.For making the point she brought that issue into the personal space and from that, I got my idea for the project.
I wanted a place where I can learn everything from the beginning where the staff taught us without hoping or expecting from me to be known to that certain thing.
The suggestions by the lecturers and tutors on a personal one to one or be it group discussion were quite helpful to develop the ideas and look to new artist resembling.

Unit 2
Styling Identity

Test shoot

This unit was my far most favourite and challenging unit. This unit was supposed to be a group project but I thought I should challenge myself for something better and to bring my environment to everyone. There were topics to choose from to work on. I picked on the term Feminism. Firstly I did a test shoot with a model where I tried to show how the perception and words of society describe and hurt the women by writing in on her skin and with dark colours and emotions. Where after she feels to be herself and washes off the words as neglecting the society’s expectation from women and how they want her to be. But I wasn’t happy with the images.
But the lectures and group tutorials were major helping hand for me in this unit. After discussing with many tutors and explaining the ideas to them, they were happy and encouraging that I want to work alone and to take this challenge to travel back to my country and work for this unit.The mood board sessions were extremely helpful where I was got to know how everyone in here wants to know and see my culture, which gave me many ideas for the image creation and to develop my idea.

Test Shoot2

To begin my idea for the project I started to look for the real woman working and being in her own environment so that I can create the documentary and style it according to my choice resembling the reality.

Test Shoot 3

The third shoot was an ordinary test. It was fine as photographs but as Fashion styling, I thought I can do much better with the accessories and garment. So I changed the garments and concept of the daily routine of an Indian rural woman to the first day of her wedding day and her task from the very first day.

Final Images

I was so very happy with the final images. As the images turned as I planned and imagined. As a series, I was happy that I created the whole concept of my plans. If I could redo anything with the images, it will again be the editing lightning and Essay task.I was so into the images that I didn’t give much attention to the essay. Apart from that, I was so happy that both the tutors Katja Mayer and Ellen Nolan believed in me and my concept as a fresher they let me do the things other than written on the brief. They let me work alone and allowed me to go back and shoot my idea.

Unit 3
Image Making

Test shoot 1

I planned to do a series of how people act online and in real life. How one pretend to be on social sites but how one actually is in real society and life. I did a test shoot of a woman posting pictures of healthy living and healthy salads but behind the camera screen, she is enjoying her junk food. Secondly, how many people like and share the awareness for homeless and that same person walk past the homeless in need without a glance. I tried to showcase that with my pictures but I felt that I myself doing the same thing of neglecting the homelessness. So I changed the plan, not entirely but improvised it to the plan for the addition of phone in our life and how much we are depended on it and stuck to our fake representation of real life on social life.

Final Images (selected ones)

I did quite a lot of images with different people by creating a documented set. I improvised my lightning issue in this project for which I was really happy and with that, I made a bit process with editing too. If I could do any improvisation I would be more organised than I was and would try to make the images more like fashion than just photographs.

University help (Brief, lectures, Workshop)

I was really excited to make my very own first zine for which we got to learn a lot from Indesign workshops. As a fresher, I was unsure of what exactly a documentary photography is. But our tutor Ed really helped me to understand what exactly it is and made sure I was confident enough and learnt the actual meaning of it. Also, the Monday classes where the tutor showed us many documentary photographs were quite helping to look for and learn how to stage for documentary.


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