LADIES FIRST TASK B (Explaining idea)

After the first one to one tutorial, I got my idea of how I can link my images and involve my interest of women and lightning together. For this, I have changed my idea of images to video with the idea of the diversity of women.
Diversity in the content of kinds of women. Slamming the concept of being lady like. I have planned to show the various sides of women. Women who aren’t just beautiful and feminine, but real, feisty and what’s more, don’t care what society think of them.The concept I am planning is for a short fashion video where I will work with women of different style and types. Like, girly, tomboy entertaining, opinionated, off-beat and fearless free-willed who enjoys her own company. Doing the opposite of what society think women should be like and doing what she thinks she should be like. In the video, it will be all about women and her choice of living and carrying herself. The video will contain shots of women in different areas and the different environment in various/different light source indoor and outdoor.Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.55.16 PM


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