Georg Jensen

Going through the research I came across another campaign shoot of ‘Georg Jensen’ The jeweller and silverware brand, picks up the real life models ( in favour of real-life, inspirational women)with the tagline of you can never be “too much” of anything.

The women — The female voicemail in the background of the video speaks the words /things that are sometimes told to women for being “too” —
too demanding, (representing director Suzanne Bier,)
too loud(representing comedian Sarah Kendall),
too strong(representing boxer Cecilia Braekhus)
Too provocative ambitious”(representing rider Behnaz Shafiea)
This video included and picked up the women who are proving these “too much” words of society. Like director Suzanne Bier, top chef Dominique Crenn, comedian Sarah Kendall, boxer Cecilia Braekhus and Iranian Motorcross rider Behnaz Shafie. This video is made on their on location set, filmed at work. Their tough expression and dedication to their work or be it representing themselves to the world. ends by stating “If you round your edges, you lose yourself,” — perhaps a metaphor for the statement jewellery itself. The tagline is “You can never be too much you.”


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