Kenzo Campaign video

“For us, the Kenzo woman is relatable,” said Lim in a statement. “She’s inspirational yet understandable. She’s doing things, right? She’s got things happening in her life. She’s going to school or she’s dating. She’s an activist. She’s a doer. What we wanted to convey was that yes, she possesses this extra layer. We also want her to be someone you attain to be, like the best version of yourself.”

This is a video about the emotions of a woman who can be the best version of herself by not being lady like but something else wants to be. The emotions of what she feels when she has the barrier of society.

The video is a story which begins where the model Margaret Qualleyy is showing all the emotions of women which she has to hide and when she is forced to be a lady. The video shows Margaret Qualley is sitting stiffly at a fancy dinner event where she is trying to act attentive and happy as the speaker delivers the speech. But seems like she is really unhappy and upset for something. Seems she is hiding some emotions inside her, you can tell she’s not enjoying it, and eventually, she pulls away, for a reprieve from the stuffiness.

Coming out Qualley manages to compose herself, but a quirky percussive, tribal track kicks in and she soon becomes taken over by something out-of-this-world. Her eyes twitch, her shoulders shrug and her limbs flail wildly, wrestling with her jewel green dress. Throughout, it seems a playful struggle between body and soul as she’s pulled across a sweeping hall in a wild dance, going more berserk with each step, licking a statue, flying up staircases, playing with mirrors and teasing a fellow patron.She’s then swept outside where she become more acrobatic, twirling into an aerial cartwheel and leaping into a gigantic, floral eye — the only nod to the product, which comes in an eye-shaped bottle

I really liked this part of the choreography where the model uses her hand talking as a metaphor in terms of society who talk and then she eats her hand in response.





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