Gustav Johansson

As per doing the videography for this project, I started looking for videographers and fashion campaign directors. I looked for Gustav Johansson. He has shot many advertisement and campaign brand videos. His videos are mainly documentary or a short shorty with a fashion twist. His works combine more of a short film than just advertisement or campaign.He also worked a lot with indoor lights in his shoots with a lot of moments. I noticed most of his film is choreographed. His movies have dance moves and playful environments. I will try to enact the same as his rotations of cameras and angles in my movie. I looked at his many videos and got quite the idea of how the camera should be used and followed the model in the videos.
The thing that I liked the most about him was that he just didn’t shot the enactment in an ordinary way but in chose the best lightning in his videos and that what makes his videos more interesting than not ordinary videos.
In each of his video there a sharp and clever use of lighting.


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