As a conclusion and reflective for the final video, I am satisfied as my first attempt towards doing more than just images. Where I was unknown to the basics of photography, I am happy I learnt that and overcome my fear of shooting in dark with bad resolutions of images. I improved this issue with my last unit of image making and as a final unit, I wanted to learn and do more from photography. I did a few mistakes in making this video but as an amateur, I am sort of satisfied that I did mistakes and when we’ll be asked to do the video making in our Yr 2 I’ll be known to my faults and mistakes which I did in this unit. Now as I know what are my problems and issues in videography I can ask and learn to improve those and not to repeat them.I tried making a video without leaning techniques of videography any knowledge and as a challange, I think I did well as the first attempt.

For the concept, I got my idea of doing this concept of diverse choices of how to be a woman was from my Environment and Styling Identity project. As mentioned before when I did my Environment project with a plus size woman I was asked several times that why I chose a plus size woman and why not a model shaped woman? I realised I have to have a reason behind why I worked with her. Where I did many shoots with models, not of size plus but I was never been asked about it. Where in Styling Identity project I showed the side of the rural woman in my country of how a woman has to cover her face every time. Not to show her skin out and many other things. So merging the two I came to a conclusion of how I can show the sides of the different women living with their own choices of leading and living life.

Overall I am happy but it would have been better if I were known to the fact of how still image photography works and how I can be handy with my camera for videos and these are the issues which I am going to cover in my upcoming unit.Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.38.04 PM


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